Our drone (UAV) imaging services assist mining, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure management sectors which significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.
ROC no CAA/G1422D with a BVLOS rating for night operations, enabling us to fly a maximum distance of 3500m in all directions and 1000ft above ground level.

Survey and Mapping

Our clients get real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.
The data and images we obtained by drone can assist in the creation of maps, plots, and legal documentation. A highly accurate map with photogrammetry can be obtained that can easily be turned into a 3D topographic map with contour data; a process that used to be extremely tedious. The efficiency drone aerial mapping provides helps to expedite workflows and improve the bottom line.

We are able to survey hard to access river banks and inaccessible terrain.

Inspection and Compliance Tracking

We provide cost effective high structure inspections e.g. buildings, roofs, towers, silos, wind turbines. Inspect long linear infrastructure e.g. powerlines pipes. and create footage to enable accurate costing of repairs and maintenance in a fraction of the time required by a physical inspection.
Remote site inspection, construction monitoring and mapping are now made fast, easy and efficient using aerial drone mapping and photography. Monitor construction progress with periodic mapping from start to finish of a project. Provide stakeholders with reports containing dated mapping, video and photography. Map final site improvements and provide agencies with building information.

Crop and Livestock Monitoring

In crop mapping we accurately monitor crop progress and determine its health by early detection of disease leading to better crop management. We do soil analysis and monitor effectiveness of irrigation which helps with seed planting and land development and highlighting areas in need of better irrigation. We can estimate yields and assist with more accurate weed control assessment.

In livestock farming for large stock, we use drones to monitor their health and movement in real time. Providing information on location, numbers, health and general condition of the group of animals using a direct route without having to use the road and pathways.

Mining Operations Management

We use drones to track your equipment in real time and access visual of unsafe and inaccessible terrain at the stage of exploration and during mining activity.

Do a site inventory and monitor pit and stockpile changes remotely.